Preparing to leave for China

Flying across 12 time zones is always a big deal—day becomes night, night becomes day. Where is the passport? Will I be met at the airport? What did I leave behind in my office? Will I have all the necessary medications? Will my suitcase be overweight? Mainly anti-diarrheals. The one thing I never worry about—will I have a good time?! I just got the itinerary yesterday.  I arrive in Beijing on Tuesday Oct. 13 after a 14 hour flight from Newark up and over the North Pole, which is now settled into perpetual night for five and half more months. We will not linger in Beijing. Filming will be focused on three dinosaur sites, two in northeastern China not too far from Beijing, and one in northwestern China. The first destination will be Zhucheng in Shandong Province, where I have never been. This is a spectacular discovery which was just announced last December. I am especially interested because it is reported to have a horned dinosaur of the sort only known until now from Western North America. Few details of this site have reached the West yet. It will be a privilege to film here. Next we head to Liaoning, the site of the discoveries of feathered dinosaurs and birds that truly put China on the world map of paleontology beginning in the mid 1990s. I have already spent a fair amount of time in Liaoning, and look forward to going back. The third site will be in Gansu in northwestern China, where I will meet my friends and colleagues You Hailu and Li Daqing. National Geographic followed my suggestions for filming there. Good times loom ahead. Stay tuned!

China map

Map of China showing the three shoot locations



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